Longevity Risk

As life expectancy increases around the world, investors may soon realize that with longer life also comes a longer liability. Retirement occurs well beyond the "age of 65" as countries around the world increase the retirement ages and eligibility for governmental retirement assistance programs. 2017 Nobel Prizer winner and University of Chicago Booth School of Business Professor Richard Thaler puts it succinctly, "You have to worry about getting unlucky and living to 100."

Investment Advisers in Asia: The Missing Fiduciary Duty

Given the inherent conflict of interests in the financial adviser industry, since there seems to be a regulatory gap in Asia, the burden falls upon investors to understand the investment management industry. Unsurprisingly, most investors prefer to use simpler assets as store of wealth, such as bank deposits, certificates of deposit, or even real estate.

Preparing a Multi-Asset Class Portfolio for Shocks to Economic Growth

Many investor portfolios are propelled by assets tied to economic growth. Over the past two decades, increasing emphasis has been placed on reaching for ever higher returns, with the result that portfolios have become even further skewed toward growth assets. Diversification, a powerful force in portfolio construction, has been hobbled by high common risk factor … Continue reading Preparing a Multi-Asset Class Portfolio for Shocks to Economic Growth